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Web Presence fundamentally revamped. Now instead of wasting your money, time and resources on fighting web complexity, we do it all. Every thing!

Our Naked Software QA is a pure revolution in the software world. Our consulting and hands-on QA services are unlike anything you have seen


We build and operate SaaS systems

“I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking”

Albert Einstein

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Grandma and Grandpa Love Technology

You’re probably not aware of it, but you’re on the Internet right now with your smart phone, tablet, laptop etc. Guess what? Your grandparents too!     Even if grandparents are not so called “computer

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My Gratitude list for Thanksgiving

This year had a challenging start for me for many reasons. The most significant of which was to stop volunteering for an organization after almost three decades. I faced the fact that majority of members

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Can You Do Better? You Bet! Can Your Business Make More Money? Of Course! Could You Achieve More? Heck, Yes! Then Why Not? Because The Noise, Overly Complex And Confusing Technology Is Holding You Back. Blissful Dot Technology Is All About Tearing Down The Walls That Limit You. In Your Volunteering, Sw Development, Business, Life.

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Emoke Zimmermann

Passionate technology and education guru. Emoke is always looking for new ways to wow our clients. So they get the most out of our services.

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Emil Zimmermann

Simplicity and Quality evangelist. Emil is there for our clients to make sure they get what they dared to dream. Emil knows how to fix broken technology


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